If Koh Chang for digital nomads is a great place?

That’s what I was wondering when I traveled to Thailand this time without knowing that I would be able to answer it shortly after. I had been to Koh Samui, Koh Phangan, and Koh Lanta before. But I knew Koh Chang only from beautiful photos that friends had taken. So the Boonya Resort invited me to explore the island and test the resort I was more than happy to agree!

The island is the second or third largest of the country – depending on whether you count Phuket an island – and is located in the Gulf of Thailand, near the border with Cambodia. You can even see Cambodia on clear days.

I left Chiang Mai on a hot weekend in June and made my way to the south, taking the night train to Bangkok. From there it’s about six hours to Trat with the minivan. The ferry from Trat to Koh Chang runs every 1.5 hours between 7 am and 7 pm. I stayed for four nights on this fantastic island. But what exactly did I like so much and why do I think Koh Chang for digital nomads is perfect?


#1 Koh Chang has Fast Wi-Fi

What makes a digital nomad smile? Correct: If he does not have to worry about slow Internet! Clearly, as everywhere in Asia, there are also periods on Koh Chang when Wi-Fi is not the best. The funny thing was that right on my first evening, Wi-Fi was pretty bad and I had to work with my hotspot. But fortunately, from the next day on the internet was perfectly usable and for an island definitely fast. Both in my accommodation, the Boonya Resort, as well as in the various beach bars I went, I had no more problem with working online. And so we come to # 2:


#2 Koh Chang has Great Places to Work From

During my three weeks on Koh Lanta two years ago, I’ve been working in beach bars. I was pretty disappointed that I didn’t find beach bars like those ones literally anywhere in the world: Not in the Caribbean, not in Brazil, not in Europe. In Mondello, Italy, it was ok, but still not what I knew from Koh Lanta: a quiet environment, good Wi-Fi and power outlets at the beach. In Koh Chang, it’s similar to Koh Lanta: one beach bar after the other! I’m sure there will be one for you, too.

Koh Chang for Digital Nomads


#3 Koh Chang Offers the Perfect Work-Life-Balance

Most digital nomads love to have the possibility to jump in the ocean for a refreshing swim after waking up early or start the day with a meditation with the sound of the waves in the background. Long walks in the sand or relaying in a hammock with sea view: No problem on Koh Chang! But my personal highlight are the sunsets: There is nothing better than watching the sun go down after a successful day at the computer. They simply make me happy and load me with new energy! In the regard Koh Chang for digital nomads is just perfect.

Koh Chang for Digital Nomads – Sunsts for your work-life-balance

If you need more action: No problem either! You can go on a jungle trekking tour and refresh yourself in one of the lagunes at a waterfall afterward. Are you searching for a spot with a vivid nightlife? Sure! Lonely Beach is known for the legendary parties right at the beach that last the whole weekend.


#4 Koh Chang Offers Beautiful Accommodation

Most of all during offseason Koh Chang is a great place to stay for a month and get a cozy bungalow. I had an awesome time at the Boonya Resort and would love to stay for a few weeks next time. It was pretty humid, I have to admit, but that’s a problem that I know from Bali. Unfortunately, that happens a lot in Asia.

I loved to work at the pool and jump on a scooter to be at the beach a few minutes later whenever I wanted. In total, I would say I prefer Koh Chang over Koh Lanta since I was staying in a guesthouse without a pool or any other special feature in Koh Lanta although the price was similar.


#5 Koh Chang is not a Tourist Trap (Yet!)

On Koh Chang you can still witness the original life of Thai people. Since the island was opened to public only a bit less than 20 years ago – before that it was a military base – the development of tourism is still in the beginning. Let’s quickly compare this to Koh Samui, where the first hippies and backpackers arrived around 1975 and started the era of tourism! Already in 1980 the Tourism Authority took over the matter and promoted the island as a dream holiday destination. Koh Samui is more than 20 years ahead of Koh Chang. And you can feel it! Iif you like to have a local experience but still want to be connected, Koh Chang offers the perfect mix.


Koh Chang for Digital Nomads – My Conclusion

Four days are unfortunately not enough to get to know a place and I have by far not seen everything I would have liked to see. But during my stay, I went to different beach bars to see how it is to work there and tried to understand if Koh Chang for digital nomads is the right place. And I’m sure I’ll be back! I really liked it and I was thrilled that finally, an island could keep up with Koh Lanta!

PS: The Boonya Resort invited me to stay for four nights. I didn’t get any financial compensation for writing this blog post or any other service. My opinion is my own though and is not influenced by this collaboration.

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