The Tel Aviv Guide for Digital Nomads

Tel Aviv Guide for Digital Nomads

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Are you still searching for a cool place in the Middle East for digital nomads? What about Tel Aviv?


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Facts About Tel Aviv

Get a bit of a general overview about Tel Aviv: it’s all about history, location, locals! It’s always nice to learn about the destination even if you’re not staying there for long. Like this, it’s easier to connect with locals and to understand the traditions and habits.

Useful General Information About Tel Aviv

Before we can settle in a place we need to know some basics… In this chapter, you will find an introduction to all the important facts with a lot of information regarding currency, ATMs, and prices as well as about how to get to Tel Aviv, how to get around in the city, about internet and safety. Stop worrying, start nomading!

Where to Work in Tel Aviv?

Do you prefer coworking spaces, cafés or rooftops? I checked as many places to work from as possible to give you a precise insight on how working there feels like. You will find all necessary information for your mobile work place in the Tel Aviv Guide.

What and Where to Eat in Tel Aviv?

You can’t fully experience a culture without trying all the typical dishes – like falafel, hummus, and shakshuka. And Israel is heaven for vegans! But where are the best places to find the best food? Some restaurants are much better than others. I’ve tracked all the best ones down so that you don’t have to – and SURPRISE! Sometimes the cheaper ones are actually the most delicious! 

Where to Stay in Tel Aviv?

Where is the best place in Tel Aviv to stay? What kind of place should you search for? In which area of Tel Aviv will you get the full „nomad experience“? I’ll tell you exactly where to go so you will save the headache of searching for those spots yourself! You know what you get into before arriving.

What to See in Tel Aviv and Israel?

One of the reasons for us to become digital nomads in the first place is to experience new places and cultures, right? My main job as a travel writer is to show you the most beautiful places. Of course, I also traveled in Israel as much as possible. You will know about all the must-sees before getting there so that you can enjoy exciting trips without doing the research yourself.

Get the Tel Aviv Guide for Digital Nomads!

By following my insider tips, the guide bound to save you lots of cash, many hours of research, and help you prevent some stomach aches. All for less than the cost of a meal.

The Author

The Tel Aviv Guide was written by me, Barbara Riedel. I spent three months in Israel, one month of which I was in Tel Aviv. I also published many other City Guides for Digital Nomads so don’t forget to check them out, too. Maybe you’re also interested in one of the other destinations.

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