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Digital Nomadism


Longterm Travel


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You need help with one of the above topics?

I have spent years giving workshops, presentations and private consultations on these subjects.

Just send me an email and I can help you find the solution for your troubles.






Please note that every mentoring I do is tailor-made. This means that I cannot give you a program in advance, but that it is shaped by your interests and is flexible during our collaboration.

Let me help you on your way to become a digital nomad!

According to your needs, I am at your disposal either online or on-site!



Since 2014, I have lived a traveler’s life as a digital nomad. I have no permanent home or job; instead I travel the world while earning money online.

My main income is generated by this blog. My additional income comes from book sales. As of March 2018, I have self-published 19 books, which have been translated into up to four languages.


I have been a digital nomad since November 2014. Directly after my studies, I moved out of my comfort zone and never looked back.

Now, I live and work where others only go for vacations, discovering a new place to open my Mac every day. What sounds like a dream became my reality. Let’s work together and we’ll find a way, to make it your reality, as well!

I realized very early that travel is one of my greatest passions. Even before my life as a nomad, I tried to explore the world!

Now, I have been to more than 60 countries and gained a lot of experience in low budget traveling, world traveling, long-term traveling and solo traveling. You can benefit from my experience. Ask me any question, and I’ll gladly answer!



Blogging as your main job? Back in 2013, I didn’t even think such a thing was possible. Now, it’s my everyday life, and my business. Since my trip around the world, blogging has become the center of my work and my main source of income. I’ve acquired more than 100.000 followers through various social networks. I’ll show you how to do it, too!
Ever since I was a teenager, I wanted to publish a book. And it was on my “Three Before Thirty” list – along with finishing a Master’s Degree, traveling the world. By age 28, I achieved all three of these goals. But this was not the end.

I have since published more than 18 books, including a series to help newcomers enter into the nomadic lifestyle. Click this link for more information on City Guides for Digital Nomads. If you also want to write and self-publish a book, I can help you achieve your goals!


I also give Workshops & Talks

Please feel free to ask me for a workshop or a talk. I am at your disposal to round off your event thematically or to coach you in a smaller circle.

You should be able to deduct the costs for my mentoring without any problems. I’ll write you an invoice. All prices are exclusive of VAT if you have registered your residence or company in Germany on the day the invoice is issued. If you have your company registered somewhere else we need to see the rules that apply regarding VAT.

I will be happy to put together an individual package for you if the above-mentioned contents do not meet your expectations. Just contact me and we will see what we can do in your special case.

For single hours according to the ‚pay as you go‘ principle I charge 80 €.


This is what my mentees say about my mentoring

Barbara accompanied me throughout the second half of 2017 on my way to digital nomadism. She has helped me with words and deeds on many topics: from choosing the place where I would feel most at home to taxes and insurance for people who are location independent. She has helped me a lot and I will certainly book her again if I have any further questions!

Saskia Jünemann


Barbara has professionally and systematically made the world of blogging transparent to us. Barbara specifically shows all the steps you need to get started in digital life and blogging. Barbara has the talent to support perfectly and to show different possibilities. We have received many ideas, tips and suggestions. All this is delivered with charm, competence and lots of fun. Barbara offers not only help, but an all-in package.

Birgit Schleu


You’ll know it when you work from home: Every day is the same. You don’t have any real experiences. So last year it was time for me to make a change. I wanted to get out, sharpen my senses, recharge my batteries and still continue working on my projects. That’s why I intensively occupied myself with digital nomadism. Here I got to know Barbara, who accompanied me in word and deed for several weeks before my first trip. Honestly, I knew Indonesia from hearsay. But that I would live and work there was unthinkable for me. Barbara took this fear away from me. She informed me in advance about the country, the people and their culture, advised me in choosing a suitable accommodation and gave me many other useful tips, without which my first trip would certainly not have been so successful. Barbara even helped me with the travel preparations. Otherwise, my luggage would probably not have fit into a single travel bag. And otherwise, I would have paid enormous sums for my flights, which are really affordable with correct reservation. I can only recommend Barbara to you as an advisor for your travels. Even if you think you know everything: You’ll be amazed about how much room for improvement there still is.

Alexander Kunz

Software Developer

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get to know you in a call?

Yes, of course! Just write me an e-mail and let’s make an appointment for a call! So you can get to know me before you book a mentoring with me. Nobody wants to buy a pig in a poke…

How do the mentoring sessions take place?

The mentoring takes place either on-site or online.

On-site: You can contact me and we will see if our travel plans overlap. I am particularly often at home in Frankfurt, in Chiang Mai, and in Singapore. There you will have the best chance to meet me in person once or twice a year.

Online: Otherwise, I will be available online at any time. Therefore I use the tool Zoom.

Do I have to book one of the packages?

No, you can book only one hour after the free introductory call. However, I offer special prices if you book one of the packages from the beginning or we put together an individual package for you, so it is cheaper for you if you decide for more.

Can I choose multiple topics for mentoring?

You can choose as many topics as you like. Note, however, that we should have one mentoring session per topic. Accordingly, I would ask you to book one hour per topic or the packages will include as many hours as you would like to discuss topics.

I just need a website - can you do that, too?

Yeah, just write me and we’ll see if I can turn your ideas into reality. I also work with agencies and freelancers so that we can find a solution for every problem.

Can I also book your mentoring if I am already a digital nomad but feel stuck?

We all know the feeling of being stuck. Especially as we are location independent, we are confronted with situations in which we can’t expect help from friends and family back home. It often helps if you can talk to someone who has experienced this or who knows the community a little better. Just write me and let us brainstorm if we can find a way together for you to enjoy life as a nomad again.

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