The Frankfurt Guide for Digital Nomads

Frankfurt Guide for Digital Nomads

Live Like a Local

Are you still searching for a cool hotspot for digital nomads in Europe? What about Frankfurt?


General Information

Insider Tips


Handy Vocabulary

Facts about Frankfurt

Why is Frankfurt historically and culturally an important place? You will learn about it in our Frankfurt Guide!

Useful General Information

In this chapter you will find a lot of information regarding currency, ATMs and prices, as well as about how to get to Frankfurt, how to get around in the city, and the (mobile) internet connection.

Where to Work?

Do you prefer coworking spaces, cafès or roof tops? In the Frankfurt Guide you will find all necessary information for your mobile workplace.

What and Where to Eat?

What do you eat in Frankfurt? There are many typical dishes of the region, that you should not miss!

Where to Stay?

Where is the best place to stay in Frankfurt? What kind of accommodation should you search for? We’ll tell you!

What to See?

What sights does Frankfurt have to offer? Where can you go to see something special? You will read about all this in our Frankfurt Guide!

Get the Frankfurt Guide for Digital Nomads!

By following my insider tips, the guide is bound to save you lots of cash, many hours of research, and help you prevent some stomach aches. All for less than the cost of a meal.

The Authors

Writing the Frankfurt Guide was a little dream for me. I grew up close to Frankfurt, and studied there at University. It’s the place I call home when I don’t want to mention that I’m a nomad (I’m sure you know what I mean of you also live a nomadic life). I also published many other City Guides for Digital Nomads so don’t forget to check them out, too.

Megan has been traveling longer than she has been able to spell her own name. She has lived in various places across the United States (although she refers to Virginia as home), in two places in Norway, and has finally settled in Frankfurt, Germany… a city in a country that she called home as a child. She is writing about her adventures as a nomad on her travel blog

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