People still ask me how I can pay for all my travels and how I actually earn money. Somehow many still seem to think that I’m on vacation and that Barbaralicious is my hobby. So here is how I make a living with and while traveling:


#1 Freelancing

Already during my studies in Romance Philology in Germany, I started working as a translator, interpreter, and proofreader. When I hit the road back in 2014, freelancing was my only income stream! After a while, copywriting was automatically added to the list of things I offer, which was a logical consequence of me being a travel blogger. I still freelance every now and then but the focus has shifted to other sources in the past years.


#2 Barbaralicious

#2.1 The Blog

Yes, I monetized my blog! This means that I make money by advertising brands, products or places. You will notice those blog posts since they all say „Advertisement“ at the top, or if it’s an affiliate link it has an asterisk (*) right at the link.

“Advertisement” blog posts can either be sponsored posts, product reviews or press trips and paid travels. I always add a “PS” then and tell you what exactly I got.


#2.2 Social Media

My Social Media channels are part of my blog. And as a consequence, I’m making money with them, too. So, if somebody wants me to promote their business on InstagramTwitter or Facebook this person has to pay for that. Because he is benefiting from my reach, which I built over years spending lots of time and money on it.

Additionally, you can hire me to take over your channel. This means that I get the access details to your Instagram and make it grow by filling your feed and Stories with life.


#2.3 E-Books & Books

You probably know that I published a few e-books and books*. This is another way how I earn money. I pubished them all on Amazon with selfpublishing. Amazon pays 70 percent royalties and after publishing the book, I don’t have to do anything anymore. Amazon does the selling, printing, and shipping if it’s an actual physical book. If I didn’t check my partner account, I wouldn’t even know when I have sales.. At the moment, my biggest project are the City Guides for digital nomads  and in 2017 I published one ebooks a month. In 2018 I want to publish at least 50 city guides by working with of co-authors.

Furthermore, some of my books has been translated to Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and French.


#3 (Online) Courses, Coaching & Talks

In January 2017 I published my first online course called B Translator. It’s a German course for translators starting their freelancing career in Germany. More courses will follow– like for example one about Self Publishing.

Additionally, you can book me as a coach if you want to start out as a digital nomad but don’t know how.

In the end, I get hired to speak at events or webinars about my life as a digital nomad, too.


#4 Photos

Last but not least, I’m selling my photos. I haven’t started yet to sell them on stock photography platforms but this will come for sure. For now, I just sell them when I get approached.

As you probably noticed: It’s not getting boring… I hope I could answer all your questions! If not: Hit the comment button and tell me what you want to do!


PS: All links with an asterisk (*) are affiliate links!