The Budapest Guide for Digital Nomads

Budapest Guide for Digital Nomads

Live Like a Local

Are you still searching for a real hotspot for digital nomads in Europe? What about Budapest?


General Information

Insider Tips

Facts about Budapest

Get the historical background about THE nomad hub in Europe!


Useful General Information


In this chapter, you will find a lot of information regarding currency, ATMs and prices as well as about how to get to Budapest, how to get around in the city and about the internet.

Where to Work?

Do you prefer to work in coworking spaces oder cafés? In the Barbaralicious Guide you will find all options for your mobile work place.


What and Where to Eat?


Which restaurant shouldn’t you miss out? What about local food? I will tell you!


Where to Stay?

Where is the best place to stay in Budapest? What kind of place should you search for? Get the guide and you will have all necessary information!


What to See?


Where can you go to see something special? What trips can you do? You will read about all this in The Budapest Guide!

Get the Budapest Guide for Digital Nomads!

By following my insider tips, the guide is bound to save you lots of cash, many hours of research, and help you prevent some stomach aches. All for less than the cost of a meal.

The Author

The Budapest Guide was written by me, Barbara Riedel. I spent a bit more than a month in Budapest and absolutely fell in love with this fantastic nomad hotspot. It’s a beautiful city and perfect if you are looking for a strong community. I also published many other City Guides for Digital Nomads so don’t forget to check them out, too.

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